Minggu, 24 Januari 2016

Hawaii is a destination dreamt by most of the people. If you like good weather, perfect setting, magnificent views, beautiful blue waters, traditional hula-dancing and exquisite cuisine, come to Hawaii to experience the true Polynesian culture.
You can start your discovery by visiting all the islands that form this magnificent archipelago. Kauiai is the northernmost island in this volcanic chain and offers an unforgettable sight of natural and wild beauty. The beaches along the Coconut Coast are the perfect place to take a long, relaxing walk or to enjoy a romantic escapade. New discoveries are to be made at the ‘Grand Canyon of the Pacific’, in the massive ‘Waimea Canyon’.
Oahu is the place where you will meet a lot of people of different origins, traditions and culture. Most of the island rises to the expectations of the 21st century and cultural, natural wonders will amaze you. The North Shore is usually very busy during the time of big winter waves, when the surfers are repeatedly attempting to defeat the powers of the ocean. If you’re not such a great surfer but would like to catch an insight to the wonders of surfing, try it yourself on Waikiki beach, the perfect place for new-comers and amateurs.
The island of Molokai is not as modern as the rest. It managed to preserve its natural setting, its history and native culture. Kaunakakaki is more of a sleepy-town which is just perfect for relaxing and meditating. Halawa Valley is a sight not to be missed by any chance thanks to its verdant flora.
Privacy and luxury together is to be found on the island of Lanai, where you will not see a single traffic light. It is the perfect place to spend your honey-moon or just to have a romantic escapade. Golf is also common on this island and it can be practiced on one of the two prestigious golf-courses of Lanai. ‘The Garden of the Gods’ at Keahiakawelo is just as the name states – these rock-formations are very rare and are a splendor for the eyes.

Maui is the second largest island and in a way, the most interesting, thanks to the fact that it is home to the Humpback Wales that migrate around the shores of the island every winter. This is a unique experience and it shouldn’t be missed out on. Besides, this island has the most stunning beaches –so they say- and the most exquisite sight of the sunrise over the Haleakala Crater.
The biggest one that has waterfalls, rainforests, botanical gardens and the world’s most active volcano is -you’ve guessed it- The Big Island. The visit of Kilauea is unique in the world, an experience that has no boundaries and cannot be described in words!

Minggu, 17 Januari 2016

My Holiday

Last holiday , my family and i  went to Jakarta to celebrated teh new year. My family and i stayed in sulthan hotel for two days. Sulthan hotel situated in senayan. We were see gelora bungkarno.
First day, After we got a breakfast, we back to our room and prepared to go to the circus show. The circus show was near from teh hotel that we stay. So, we went there on the foot. the circus show started from 11 AM untuil 1 PM. It was amazing show we had lunch in restaurant in Grand Indonesia. Grand Indonesia is a Mall that situated in Bunderan HI. Not too far from hotel. We went there by car. after lunch we watch the film in CGV Blitz. We watched Alvin And The Chipmunk 3. Then we back to hotel because teh day was night.
The last night in 2015 , i waited 2016. during waiting 00:00. I chatted with my friend on LINE. We chated untuil 1 PM.  After i said happy ner year to my friend i sleep until tomorrow. We went to DUFAN on the second day. we enjoyed the games there after lunch in bandara jakarta, we went back to home in Bandung.