Kamis, 12 November 2015


Hello my name is Andhika I'll tell you about gamarvani.
Gamarvani is a cultural arts festival that was held by SMAN 3 Bandung. Gamarvani held on 19 September 2015.

The ticket price is 30.000-50.000,its not that expensive right?all people..different age,different culture,and all of us assemble together in GAMARVANI.At gamarvani we can see performance by HIV! and ADERA.really excited to hear that!.

Oh yeah, but preparations for the event have been made since the previous 2 months. At that time I volunteered as a committee. My first task was find funds for the event. After searching my funds into the logistics division. There I was given the task to find the needs of the performers. For example food, beverages, mattresses, snacks, etc.

One day before the event starts, all committee held a meeting for tomorrow and help build booths stand on the field bali. All muster the energy to build booths stand there.

Next day , all over committee must arrive at 5:00 am. Arriving on the field bali, I picked performers RMHR (house music harry roesli) on the road Supratman, with my friend Adam. After I picked me right back to the field bali. after 12 pm I changed shif committee, and I'm off duty.

If you're hungry,you can buy a food from a foodtruck.there is 12 foodtruck and 15 foodstand.which is a lot, right? From Caian, LOL, Kabut Salju, Bite Box, Roti Gempol and others. We have so many choices and the taste of it is really nice. They also provided this with an affordable price.

the top event at night, because there is a very popular guest stars. yes, HIVI! and Adera. the light is very beautiful with complete was already performing on the day.

So. That's all about Gamarvani. Gamarvani was so spectacular and I can't erase that from my memories, because it's so memorable.